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June 1st to September 15th 2024


Anni Bloch and Sigurjón Ólafsson

Press Release in English
Press Release in Danish

Floating Forms

Exhibit­ion of sculp­tur­es by the Dan­ish text­ile artist Anni Bloch and Ice­land­ic sculp­tor Sigur­jón Ólafss­on. They have both cre­at­ed un­con­venti­onal sculp­tur­es us­ing old trad­iti­onal hand­crafts. Both of them have work­ed with nat­ur­al mat­eri­als and made full use of the pos­si­bil­iti­es that the mater­ial al­lowed. Most of Anni Bloch's works are made in silk with needle and thread in the same way as has been done from the be­g­inn­ing of civil­izat­ion. The works by Sigur­jón Ólafs­son ex­hibit­ed here are carv­ed in wood, fre­quent­ly with add-on pieces.

September 29th to May 12th 2024

Upper hall:


Main Hall:
From Various Sources
Sigurjón Ólafsson's sculptures

Thura − Þuríður Sigurðardóttir
No title 2003, oil on canavas
Oil Paintings by Þuríður Sigurðardóttir − Thura

With her works at the ex­hibit­ion Home and Away, Þura in­vit­es us into the world of the child who grew up in Laugar­nes. Her play­ground was here and still is. She has gone on a treas­ure hunt, scrut­in­iz­ed the vege­tat­ion, gath­er­ed ston­es in the beach and ex­peri­enced the hist­ory of the place first hand. She play­ed with the kids in the next hous­es, got to know the art­ist Sigur­jón Ólafs­son’s fam­ily and saw people and hous­es come and go.     Markús Þór Andrésson

From Various Sources
February 3rd − September 24thfall 2023

Upper hall:
The Gift of Children

Main Hall:
From Various Sources

Svava and Einar

Blood Pressure too High LSÓ 109
The Gift of Children

Sigurjón Ólafsson's reliefs and portraits of the family members of Einar Sigurðs­son fisher­ies magnate in Vestman Islands.
    In a booklet that accompanies the ex­hibit­ion, art hist­or­ian Aðal­steinn Ingólfs­son discus­ses these family por­traits in the con­text of other works by the artist em­pha­siz­ing the re­sponsi­bility that Einar Sigurðs­son, as a pros­perous business­man, felt to­wards struggl­ing artists.

From Various Sources

Some of Sigurjón Ólafsson's key works from the period 1938 to 1982 made of di­fferent materi­als, such as plaster, bronze, marble and wood. The title of the ex­hibit­ion refers to both the var­iety of the works and their owner­ship.
    Some of the works are from Birgitta Spur's founding donat­ion to Sigur­jón Ólafs­son's Sculp­ture Museum, which in 2012 was handed over to the Ice­land Nati­onal Gal­lery, while others are from the private col­lection of Sigurjón Ólafsson's heirs and others.
May 21st − September 11th 2022

Poems in Wood

Exhibition with works by Sigurjón Ólafs­son at
Nordatlantens Brygge Copenhagen

Poems in Wood − a selection of sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson.

May 22nd
Art historian Anne Blond's interview with Birgitta Spur, the widow of ath artist and curatore of this exhibition. In Danish.

List of works on exhibition
February 5ty − November 27th 2022

Upper hall:
A Mural without a Wall

Main hall:
A Story Unfolds
− continues
Stackin Salt Fish LSÓ 1034 Stacking Salt Fish LSÓ 1034 A Mural without a Wall.   Poster and sculpture ex­hibit­ion with the story of one of Sigur­jón Ólafs­son's monu­ment­al re­lief Stack­ing Salt­fish, origin­ally ment to de­cor­ate the house of the Fish Ind­ustry in Reykja­vík, but end­ed as a free stand­ing wall in the vic­inity of the Col­lege of Navi­gat­ion in Reykja­vík. New research shows severe de­terio­rat­ion in the relief and that previous repair-work were un­suc­ces­sful.

October 19th 2019 − November 30th 2021

A Story Unfolds
Sigurjón Ólafsson's Sculptures

List of works
Fótboltamenn, LSÓ 247
Footballers LSÓ 247
A variety of sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson, from his student years at the Royal Academy of the Arts in Copenhagen, till the year he died, 1982.
    Also to be seen are the sketches for some of his key works that have been enlarged and installed in public areas, e.g. Footballers (LSÓ  247) erected in Akranes, Mask (LSÓ  011) at the Reykjavík City Theater and the Viking (LSÓ  162) which Sigurjón also carved in dolerite and stands in the front of the National Gallery of Iceland.

Curator Birgitta Spur
Sepbember 14th 2019 − March 1st 2020

Sigurjón Ólafsson
Multiple Forms

Exhibition in The
Art Museum of Southern Jutland,

List of works

A retrospecitve exhibition of Sigurjón Ólafsson's works of art. 44 sculptures from Iceland and Danmark are exhibited and also represented in the Exhibition Catalogue.
    The catalogue includes articles by Anne Blond curator and art-historians Aðalstein Ingólfs­son, Jens Peter Munk, Kerry Greaves, Lise Funder and Æsa Sigur­jóns­dótt­ir discuss Sigur­jón Ólafs­son's contribution to Danish art in the thirties and fourties of last century. Also article by architect Pétur H. Ár­manns­son who writes about Sigur­jón Ólafs­son's col­labor­ation with Danish and Ice­landic architects.

October 20th 2018 − October 6th 2019
Museum's 30 years celebration

Sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson and some of his Contemporaries


Recollections of Icelandic Colours
Stoneware by Sabine Hasler

Index Finger
Index Finger LSÓ 093
Main Hall
Sculptures by Sigur­jón Ólafs­son, Er­ling­ur Jóns­son, Gerð­ur Helga­dótt­ir, Gest­ur Þor­gríms­son, Guð­mund­ur Bene­dikts­son, Guð­mund­ur Elías­son, Hall­steinn Sigurðs­son, Helgi Gísla­son, Jón Bene­dikts­son, Krist­ín Jóns­dótt­ir from Munka­þverá, Svava Björns­dótt­ir, Sverr­ir Haralds­son, Tove Ólafs­son, Örn Þor­steins­son and Páll Guð­munds­son from Húsa­fell.

Curator: Birgitta Spur
Sabine Hasler Upper Hall
Swiss artist and ceramist Sabine Hasler, who designed and made the coffee service for Museum Café, is a frequent visitor in Iceland. The forms and the glacing of the exhibition objects are influenced by the Icelandic nature.

These two exhibitions are connected with a painting by Björg Þorsteinsdóttir.
Curator: Birgitta Spur
April 28th − October 7th 2018

Two Comrades
Asger Jorn and Sigurjón Ólafsson


− continues
April 13th − 22nd 2018

Við mið // at present

Collaborative Project of the National Gallery of Iceland, Iceland University of the Arts and the University of Iceland at the Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum

New works by MA fine art students from the Iceland University of the Arts engage in a meet­ing with the sculp­tures of Sigur­jón Ólafs­son in a multi-voiced dialogue. The cura­torial team con­sists of MA students from the Uni­ver­sity of Ice­land.

Exhibition Catalogue
(Click to read)
In the ex­hibit­ion Við mið / at present nothing stays in its own place. The ex­hi­bit­ion revolves around the act of co­operat­ion be­tween agents in the past as well as the present. Sigurjón's sculp­tur­al works, the museum e­stabl­ish­ed by his widow, Birgitta Spur after he passed away, as well as the location at which it is built on, act as a source for new cre­ation. Ten stud­ents of fine arts engage in a meet­ing with Sigur­jón's sculptures. The pro­duct of this en­count­er is Við mið / at present and it is echoing bey­ond the limits of mod­ern­ism and into the here and now.
    Artists: Guð­ríð­ur Skugga Guð­laugs­dótt­ir, Katrina Jane Perry, Kimi Tayler, Kirill Lorech, Mar­grét Helga Sess­elju­dótt­ir, Marie Lebrun, María Hrönn Gunnars­dótt­ir, Pier- Yves La­rouche, Ragn­heið­ur Guð­munds­dótt­ir, Sihan Yang and Sigur­jón Ólafs­son.
    Curators: Ás­gerð­ur Jún­íus­dótt­ir, Ragn­heið­ur K. Sig­urðar­dótt­ir, Sunna Ást­þórs­dótt­ir and Þor­gerð­ur Þór­halls­dótt­ir.
    Project managers: Bryn­dís H. Snæ­björns­dótt­ir, Professor of Fine Art and MA pro­gramme dir­ector at Ice­land Uni­ver­sity of the Arts, and Æsa Sigur­jóns­dótt­ir, as­soci­ate pro­fessor in art hist­ory at the Uni­ver­sity of Ice­land.
October 21st 2017 − May 2018

Two Comrades
Asger Jorn and Sigurjón Ólafsson

List of works

with Birgitta Spur's text

Asger Jorn - link
Tveir Samherjar
Asger Jorn, Sigurjón Ólafsson and Dagur Sigurjónsson
Sigurjón Ólafs­son and Asger Jorn were both in­fluent­ial figures in avant-garde art in Den­mark in the 1930s and 40s, and they had a close re­lation­ship until Sigur­jón re­turn­ed to Iceland at the end of World War II. They both part­ici­pat­ed in the land­mark ex­hi­bit­ions Linien 1937, Skandi­nav­erne 1939 and Tel­tud­still­ing­en 1941.
    In the summer of 1967 Jorn visit­ed Ice­land, when he was work­ing on his great study of an­cient Nord­ic art. He brought with him a numb­er of prints, which at Sigurjón's sug­gest­ion he pre­sent­ed to the As­soci­ation of Ice­landic Artists to help fin­ance its plan­ned gallery. The works were pur­chas­ed by the National Gallery of Ice­land. The paint­ing Tron II, which Jorn had given to Sigur­jón Ólafs­son when he was liv­ing in Den­mark, was later don­at­ed to the Nati­onal Gallery.
    By show­ing works by Asger Jorn in the col­lection of the National Gallery of Ice­land along­side sel­ect­ed works by Sigur­jón Ólafs­son from the same period, the in­tent­ion is to open a dia­logue which will throw light upon un­ex­plor­ed links be­tween these in­flu­ential artists.
Curator Birgitta Spur
September 3rd 2016 − October 15th 2017


Sigurjón Ólafsson's wooden constructions

of works on the exhibition.

with text by art historian Aðalsteinn Ingólfsson.
The Woman in the House
      LSÓ 1327
The Woman in the House
LSÓ 1327
Sigurjón Ólafsson is known as a traditional sculptor, modeller of clay and plaster pieces and a welder of iron structures. In addition a large proportion of his later sculptures out of wood can be classified as assemblages, consisting as they do of assorted wooden parts, found or reworked, constructed around a given spatial core.
    This show features a selection of these later assemblages, chosen by the artist's widow, Birgitta Spur.
Guided tours (in Icelandic, introduction in English on request)
    Sunday October 16th 2016 at 3 pm
Art Historian Aðalsteinn Ingólfsson
    Sunday February 19th 2017 at 3 pm
Halldór Björn Runólfsson director of National Gallery of Iceland.
February 3rd at 8:30 and 9:30 pm − Museum Night in Reykjavík      
Dúó Landon plays music of three centuries. The oldest compositions are from the 17th century and the newest from last year. The visitors will not only see, but also hear, how the contemporary art is founded on the tradition of the past craft.
December 1st − 11th 2016


A collaboration between the National Gallery of Iceland, Iceland Academy of the Arts and the University of Iceland.

Exhibition Catalogue
Eleven MA students of Fine Art at the Iceland Academy of the Arts exhibit their art-works, in col­labor­ation with student curators at the de­part­ment of Art History & Theory at the University of Iceland. The ex­hib­ition takes place in the space where Sigur­jón Ólafs­son created his sculp­tures, and within the ex­hibit­ion As­semblage - Sigur­jón Ólafs­son's wooden con­struct­ions. The art-works, working process and methods of Sigur­jón Ólafs­son to­geth­er with the museum archi­tect­ure, its hist­ory and en­viron­ment, will direct the students ap­proach to their art-works.
    The pro­ject is dir­ect­ed by Bryn­dís Snæ­björns­dóttir Profes­sor in Fine Art at the Ice­land Aca­demy of the Arts and Hlynur Helga­son Lecturer in Art History and Theory at the Uni­ver­sity of Ice­land.

See Iceland Academy of the Arts news       .
October 17th 2015 − August 28th 2016

Female Idols

Sigurjón Ólafsson's woman portraits and figures

of works on exhibition.

with text by Birgitta Spur.
Woman Bathing LSÓ 013
Woman Bathing, 1948
LSÓ 013
To mark the centennial of women in Iceland winning the right to vote, Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum has created an exhibition of classical portrait sculptures of women produced by Sigurjón. Along with those works, other works by the artist are on display. The works are carved in stone and wood and they focus on the female image in Sigurjón Ólafsson's art – Das Ewig-Weibliche – taking on the image of the goddess.

    Sigurjón Ólafsson (1908−1982) is among the best known portrait sculptors in the Nordic countries. He created over 200 portrait sculptures, mostly of men who held important roles in society. Ólafsson’s female portraits are less well known, apart from a portrait sculpture of the artist's mother, Guđrún GísladÓttir, created in 1938. For this work he was awarded the much sought after prize; Eckersberg Medal in 1939. Copies of the portrait belong to the collections of three state museums located in the Nordic countries.

Curator: Birgitta Spur
April 23rd − September 20th 2015

Sigurjón Ólafsson & Finn Juhl
Thinking across Sculpture and Design

Sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson and furniture by the Danish designer and architect Finn Juhl
Woman LSÓ 1066
Woman, 1942
LSÓ 1066
A new light will be shed on the relationship between the Danish architect Finn Juhl (1912-1989) and Sigurjón Ólafsson in the years of 1940 to 1945. Both of them were pioneers, each in his field, and both went unexplored paths in their experiments with form and material.

The exhibition will include Finn Juhl's furniture which he presented at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers' Guild's furniture exhibitions in 1940 and 1941; the chair The Pelikan and the sofa The Poet, along with sculptures by Sigurjón which Finn Juhl chose to interplay with his furniture.

In recent years, the work of Finn Juhl has gained great popularity worldwide. The Danish company Onecollection, who is the main sponsor of this exhibition, patents the production of furniture designed by Finn Juhl.

Curators: Birgitta Spur and Æsa Sigurjónsdóttir.
January 31st − March 22nd 2015

Upper hall:
An Artist at the Saga Sites
Drawings by the Danish painter Johannes Larsen from his journeys to Iceland in 1927 and 1930.

Special Events:
Museum Night - Feb 6that 8:00 and 9:30 pm.
Sundays at 3:00 pm:
Feb. 15th, 22nd, March 1st, 15th and 22nd.
See List of events (in Icelandic)

Main hall:
Selected works
by Sigurjón Ólafsson
Blótsteinn á Ţórsnesi
Sacrificial Stone at Þórsnes
Johannes Larsen, 1927
In 1926 the Icelandic and Danish authors Gunnar Gunnarsson and Johannes V. Jensen initiated the publication of a Danish translation of the Icelandic Sagas. Its purpose was to celebrate one thousand years of the establishment of the Parliament at Thingvellir in 1930.

The Danish artist Johannes Larsen (1867-1961) was commissioned to visit Iceland and make illustrations for this publication. His drawings were meant to give the Danish readers an insight into the landscape of the historical sites of the Sagas, but not to illustrate its events or characters.

Johannes Larsen came twice to Iceland for this purpose, the summers 1927 and 1930, and traveled around the country on horseback, often under difficult conditions, with his companion, Ólafur Túbals, a farmer and a painter, from Múlakot in Fljótshlíð. On these trips Johannes Larsen made around three hundred drawings, of which 188 appeared in the publication of Sagas.

The drawings in this exhibition are from the private col­lections of Johannes Larsen's family members in Denmark, Sweden and the USA. Thanks to the effort of Vibeke Nřrgaard Nielsen, who is the curator of this exhibition, these art works are exhibited here. Last spring they were also exhibited at Nord­atlantens Brygge in Copen­hagen.

The bulk of Johannes Larsen's work, is found in Johannes Larsen Museum in Kerteminde, Fyn, Denmark.

•Johannes Larsen Museum, Denmark, •The Velux Foundation, •The Foundation for Danish-Icelandic Cooperation, •Hede Nielsens Family Foundation, •TVG-Zimsen in Iceland and •the Danish Embassy in Iceland.
May 24th − Oct 31st / Nov 30th 2014

Tracks in Sand

Retrospective Exhibition of Sigurjón Ólafsson's works

In Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum and the National Gallery of Iceland.
Tracks in Sand
LSÓ 160
A selection of Sigurjón Ólafsson's works from his studies in 1928 − 1935 in his museum at Laugarnes while later works (1936 − 1982) are exhibited in the halls of the National Gallery of Iceland, at Fríkirkjuvegur 7. Also there are sculptures by his Danish collegues from that time, Asger Jorn, Ejler Bille, Erik Thommesen, Robert Jacobsen and Sonja Ferlov.


Exhibition Catalogue with article by Art Historian Æsa Sigurjóns­dóttir

Sep. 6th 2014, Seminar on Sculptor Sigurjón Ólafsson.
Tracks in Sand a volume with seminar papers, published in 2017.
List of works
February 7th - May 4th 2014

Children at Play

Selection of sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson
Sigurjón Ólafsson
Children at Play
LSÓ 206
An exhibition of sculptures from the oeuvre of Sigurjón Ólafsson.
The title of the exhibition, Children at Play, refers both to Sigurjón's 1938 relief of the same name and to other works in the exhibition that might awaken children's and teens' interest in Sigurjón's art.

Guided Tours, see here

    List of works
April 25th - December 1st 2013

De Profundis

Sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson
Paintings by Þorvaldur Skúlason, Svavar Guðnason, Nína Tryggvadóttir, Kristján Davíðsson and Guðmunda Andrésdóttir
Sigurjón Ólafsson
LSÓ 014
The exhibition brings together works from the collections of the Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum and the National Gallery of Iceland, juxtaposing sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson with paintings by a number of his contemporaries. During their formative years all the artists featured had studied in foreign countries, where they were active in the avant-garde art scene.
    On their return to Iceland they became trailblazers in the revolution of form known as Modernism, a period when Icelandic art flourished as never before.

The title of the show, De Profundis, points out that beneath the smooth surface of the works we may glimpse a white-hot turbulence and anguish which evoke that era of Cold War.

A brochure on the exhibition
February 10th 2012 - April th 2013

Sigurjón Ólafsson's key sculptures
Sigurjón Ólafsson
Two Sisters, Inger and Ingeborg Pedersen, LSÓ 191
The exhibition encompasses a period of a little over fifty years in the middle of the 20th century, providing insight into the various periods of the art of sculptor Sigurjón Ólafsson.

A brochure on the exhibition by Birgitta Spur
17. September - 27. November 2011


Sculptures by Svava Björnsdóttir
Svava Björnsdóttir
Svava Björnsdóttir
Exhibition of Svava Björnsdóttir's new suclptures, made of compressed paper, and selected sculptures of Sigurjón Ólafsson.

Some of Svava's works are voluminous sculptures while others are a combination of sculpture and painting where colours and forms add up to a poetic unity.

The title of the exhibition, "Hryggjarstykki" meaning "Backbone", refers to a lost medieval manuscript of Kings Sagas.
Posters in Icelandic

Also selection of Sigurjón Ólafsson's sculptures.
11. September - 23. October 2011

Kai Nielsen and Icelandic Modernists

In Svendborg Art Museum Denmark
Svendborg Amts Kunstforening
Denmark Tourist informations
Sculptures by Kai Nielsen and Sigurjón Ólafsson, aquarelles by Hafsteinn Austmann and Björg Þorsteinsdóttir and oil paintings by Þorvaldur Skúlason, Nína Tryggvadóttir, Guðmunda Andrésdóttir and Kristján Davíðsson (all Icelandic except Kai Nielsen, Danish)

Svendborg Museum (in Danish)
The exhibition (in Danish)
Concert 29 September: "Images in Music" (in Danish)
11. February - 28. August 2011

Sigurjón Ólafsson's Pillars


Dragon LSÓ 094
Dragon LSÓ 094
“The pillar in various forms is one of the leitmotifs of the work of sculptor Sigurjón Ólafsson from his first independent work in Copenhagen [e.g. The Stem ] in the 1930s to his final works of 1982.”
Auður Ólafsdóttir: Íslandsmerki og súlur Sigurjóns, Article in English, LSÓ, 1994

The best known of Ólafsson´s pillars, are without little doubt the monuments, e.g. Emblem of Iceland at Hagatorg and Throne Pillars at Höfði [Hofdi] summit house, both in Reykjavík. This exhibition, however, focuses on a selection of wood-pillars and columns from the artist last decade.

At Reykjavík Museum Night, February 11th 2011, individual museums were urged to express in their own way the concept "Icelander".
   Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum displayed Ólafsson´s portrait of his Mother with text posters describing her as the common working class woman and mother at the turn of the last century.

List of works
September 16th - November 28th 2010

"My dear Erlingur, what are you up to now?"

Sculptures by Erlingur Jónsson and Sigurjón Ólafsson

Erlingur Jónsson
Erlingur Jónsson was born in 1930 near Keflavík, Iceland and worked as a teacher of art and craft in the vicinity until he, in the early eighties, moved to Norway and received his diploma in visual arts from the Telemark Lćrerhøgskole Notodden. Consequently he taught visual arts and handicraft at high schools and colleges in the greater Oslo area until his retirement. He is very productive as a sculptor and is represented by numerous public sculptures both in Norway and in Iceland.
    In the 1970ies Erlingur Jónsson was a frequent visitor in Sigurjón Ólafsson's studio at Laugarnes both as a friend and as an assistant. He often brought pieces of nobel wood for Sigurjón, which was hard to get in Iceland.
    Erlingur would come and go like a bird, carrying with him the atmosphere of culture - art, music, literature and philosophy. He was the person who had the most insight into Sigurjón's methods and work in these years, and later, when the Sigurjón Ólafsson's museum was in the need of having one or more of Sigurjón's sculptures enlarged or rebuilt, Erlingur was trusted for the task.
    Sigurjón Ólafsson's and Erlingur Jónsson's friendship is reflected in the title of the exhibition: "My dear Erlingur, what are you up to now?"
February 12th - September 5th 2010
In upper hall

Who is who?

Guðmundur Thoroddsen, LSÓ 248
An exhibition with some of Ólafsson's portraits of well known Icelandic characters and visitors Visitors are supposed to recognize who is who.
October 21st 2008 - September 5th 2010

A Moment with Sigurjón Ólafsson
on the occasion of the centennial of the artist
This exhibition is specially arranged for children accompanied with adults and intended to be an eye opener.

At the enterance the visitors receive special cards with informations on the sculptures, questions and key words to start discussion about them.

List of works (in Icelandic)
The exhibition was modified in February 2012
October 4th - November 9th 2008

Sigurjón and Þorvaldur
- Two Modernists

In Hafnarborg
- the Hafnarfjörður Institute of Culture and Fine Art

Þorvaldur and Sigurjón
Sigurjón Ólafsson's sculptures and Þorvaldur Skúlason's paintings and drawings. In cooperation with the University of Iceland, Art collection.
Þorvaldur Skúlason (1906-1984) and Sigurjón Ólafsson (1908-1982) first met in the 1920s in Reykjavík and later they became pioneers of modernistic art in their homeland. These two artists and close friends always respected each others work and exhibited frequently together.   MORE

A Catalogue, 48 pages, with articles by Gunnar J. Árnason and Auður Ólafsdóttir. In Icelandic.
A DVD with three documentaries
Pictures from the exhibition
September 26th - December 31st, 2008

Sigurjón Ólafsson's Portraits

The Museum of National History at the
Frederiksborg Castle Hillerød

Celebrating Ólafsson's centennial, the renowned Museum of National History at the Frederiksborg Castle exhibits 26 of his portraits, made of material ranging from terracotta to gabbro and granite.

The exhibition catalogue, gives a view of Ólafsson's portraying and his contribution to Danish cultural life, while studying and working in Denmark in the period 1928 - 1945.

The Danish art historian Charlotte Christensen writes the main article. 128 pages, published in English and Danish version.

Photos from the exhibitioin
June 14th - August 31st, 2008

Concrete in Flight

At Búrfell Power Station, Central Iceland
Búrfell Power Plant
Exhibition related to the bas-reliefs which Ólafsson made in the late 1960s for the façade of the Búrfell Power Station.

In cooperation with Landsvirkjun, the owner of the power plant.

Open daily in the afternoon, free admission

Leaflet in English
April 5th - September 7th, 2008

From the Museum's Collection
An exhibition of Sigurjón Ólafsson's sculptures selected for the royal visit on May 5th 2008 when Danish Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary accepted the Museum's invitation in their official visit to Iceland.

List of works (in Icelandic)

Selection of pictures
©: Anne-Mette Kruse, Denmark
February 23rd - November 30th, 2007


Exhibition of Sigurjón Ólafsson's sculptures selected by primary school pupils
Viking, LSÓ 162

Sigurjón Ólafsson's Catalogue Raisonné has recently been made accessible on the internet. For this occasion, children from 6th to 10th grade of the primary schools were asked to select "their" favourite work from the internet-catalogue for this exhibition, verifying their choice in a written statement or a poem.

Selections from their compositions are published in the exhibition catalogue along with English translations.

September 17th - November 30th, 2006

Hallsteinn Sigurðsson's sculptures

Hallsteinn Sigurðsson

Hallsteinn Sigurđsson, born 1945, began his career in art nearly four decades ago. He studied in London, returning to Iceland 1972. In London he encountered a thriving sculpture scene with young artists influenced by the innovations and teaching of Anthony Caro and the 'New Generation’ sculptors. Hallsteinn works in metals, most often iron or aluminum, and his sculptures show a highly personal evolution of the open, 'architectural’ formalism of Caro and his followers. His constructions have become progressively lighter and more transparent, the formal structure lightly drawn in space with shaped rods and curving sheets of metal. Hallsteinn Sigurđsson’s works can be seen in a sculpture park in Gufunes, north-east Reykjavík, where some twenty-five sculptures of his are exhibited. (Jón Proppé, 2006)

May 27th - Sept 3rd 2006

Summer Exhibition
Desire, LSÓ 234
Selection of Portraits and Sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson

List of works
February 24th - May 14th 2006

Visions of Earth, Sea and City

Poems by Berglind Gunnarsdóttir
Textile by Helga Pálína Brynjólfsdóttir
Sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson

Helga Pálína Brynjólfsdóttir:
A meeting of three artistic forms

Textile works by Helga Pálína Brynjólfsdóttir and poetry by Berglind Gunnarsdóttir meet with wooden sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson in dreamy visions of earth, sea and the city of Reykjavík.
February 4th - 19th 2006

Sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson
Hermes, LSÓ 168
Selection from the Museum's collection

Illustrated brochure
September 17th - November 27th 2005

Lava Flowers
Encounter with Iceland

Carl-Henning Pedersen
Else Alfelt
Svavar Guðnason
Sigurjón Ólafsson

Travelling exhibition

Else Alfelt
The Blue Flower of the Lava
Exhibition with paintings by the Danish COBRA artists Else Alfelt and Carl-Henning Pedersen from their half year visit to Iceland in 1948. Also works by contemporary Icelandic artists Svavar Guđnason and Sigurjón Ólafsson.

In a catalogue article, art historian Ađalsteinn Ingólfsson discusses the importance of this visit to Icelandic artists of that time, just after the second world war. Hanne Lundgren and Æsa Sigurjónsdóttir, also art historians, write articles to introduce the artists and their works.

Illustrated press release - in Icelandic

Pictures from the exhibition
Februar 5th - September 4th 2005

Acquisitions, Donations and some of Ólafsson's key works
Skulptur 259
Sculpture LSÓ 259
The exhibition comprises 23 sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson from different periods, representing a broad scale of styles and materials, ranging from granite, wood and plaster to various types of metal. Most of these works have been acquired in the last decade, purchased or been donated.

A brochure with notes on the sculptures on display
September 10th - November 28th 2004

A Slice of The Moon
Sculptures by the Greenlandic sculptor Isle Hessner

Travelling Exhibition:
Born 1962 in Nanortalik Greenland, Isle Hessner is considered a pioneer of contemporary Greenlandic art. She has always expressed herself very independently through her original imagery. While her works are rooted in earlier traditions, they are at the same time extremely modern, bearing witness to her sincere searching for a permanent image in an ever-changing present.

   The exhibition will provide visitors with insight into the flourishing world of contemporary Greenlandic art. The aim of the exhibition is to encourage personal connections and mutual understanding between the countries it visits, and strengthen the self-image of Greenlanders and ties between Nordic countries.

   Visiting the exhibition, also Greenlandic artist, Jessie Kleemann performed a drum dance September 25th and 26th in the Museum.
May 10th - 15th 2004

Master Portrait

28 Cork Street, London
My Mother
My Mother, LSO 007
Each year the British Society of Portrait Sculptors chooses a Masterwork by a past master sculptor to show excellence in portrait sculpture as well as highlight the work of a particular sculptor. The Masterwork for 2004 is a portrait sculpture from the intriguing Icelandic sculptor Sigurjón Ólafsson: My Mother.

There was the opportunity to see this marvelous portrait by Ólafsson on the Society's yearly exhibition FACE 2004 in the gallery at 28 Cork Street, London between May 10th and 15th.
A cast of this sculpture belongs to the National Art Galleries in Iceland, Denmark and Sweden.
October 25th 2003 - September 5th 2004

Sigurjón Ólafsson's Works in Public Space
Emblem of Iceland
Emblem of Iceland, LSÓ 048
Poster exhibition and sculptures related to Ólafsson's monuments and public sculptures.

More than 30 art-works by Ólafsson, monuments and wall-reliefs, are found in public space in Iceland and Denmark.
  The first sculpture that Ólafsson created as a public monument was a four metres high relief made in clay and casted in concrete, which he named Stacking Salt Fish (1934-35), now situated at the Navigation School in Reykjavík. This puristic work is an hommage to the working classes and so are many other monumental sculptures of his, such as the famous ones on the Town Hall Square in Vejle, Denmark. These symbolize Agriculture, Handicraft, Trade and Industry.
  In Reykjavík you can see about 20 of Ólafsson's sculptures in public space. The best known are without doubt Emblem of Iceland at Hagatorg, Throne Pillars in front of Höfði House and the Pack Horse in the outskirts of Reykjavík.
October 18th 2003
Sigurjón Ólafsson and Art in Public Space
Búrfell Power Plant in Þjórsárdalur
Conference in the Nordic House, Reykjavík commemorating the opening of the Museum to the public fifteen years earlier, in October 21st 1988.

August 31st - September 28th 2003

Masters of the Third Dimension
From the History of the twentieth century

Exhibition in cooperation with the Akureyri Art Museum
Sculptures were borrowed from the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Degas: Dancer examining the Sole of her foot
Sculptures by some of the most prominent European artists from the late 19th and twentieth century and their Icelandic contemporaries.

Artists include: Degas, Archipenko, Maillol, Moore, Marino Marini, Manolo, Laurens, Renoir, Barlach, Kollwitz, Hartung, Sol LeWitt, Schwegler, Per Kirkeby, Axel Lischke and the Icelandic pioners of sculpture art: Einar Jónsson, Ásmundur Sveinsson, Sigurjón Ólafsson and Gerður Helgadóttir.
June 1st to August 21st 2003

Portraits and Abstractions
by Sigurjón Ólafsson

Svava Ág&uacutestsdóttir
Svava Ágústsdóttir
Sigurjón Ólafsson's career as a portrait artist began very early, or as soon as he entered the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1928 and he is now regarded as one of the most inspired and sensitive creators of portraits in Scandinavia.

The solid academic schooling he received gave him the foundation to be able to master any style he desired, which can be seen in his works as early as from 1936 - 37.

On this exhibition there will be a large selection of portraits and abstract sculptures in different styles and materials where the basis is the human body and its forms.

List of works on exhibition (pdf - Icelandic)
April 5th - May 4th 2003


Small Silver Sculptures and
Sigurjón Ólafsson's sculptures

An exhibition from Pangolin Edition, one of Britain's leading sculpture foundries. Fifty one sculptors were invited to make a piece, no bigger than 15 cm in its largest dimension to be cast in silver. The exhibition was on display in Gallery Pangolin in November and December 2002 and after being here it will be set up in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in London.

In Iceland Sigurjón Ólafsson´s sculpture Racket Troll (LSO 197) was added to the exhibition.
October 5th 2002 - March 30th 2003

Portraits and Abstractions
by Sigurjón Ólafsson
Ragnar Jónsson í Smára
Ragnar Jónsson í Smára
See above
July 6th to September 22nd

Pure Forms

Sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson
Four-sided form, LSÓ 224
Four-sided Form, LSÓ 224
The summer exhibition in Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum, is a selection of sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson, spanning the period of 45 years, from his early neo-plasticistic work Footballers (LSÓ 247) to the completely abstract wooden sculptures which he created in his last years. Strong and pure forms dominate many of his best sculptures and give them monumental dimensions.

Some of Ólafsson's marvelous portrait busts will also be on display.
May 23rd - June 30th 2002

Woman - madam, crone, miss and the lady...

The Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum's contribution to the Reykjavók Arts Festival 2002

Kona, LSÓ 224
Woman, LSÓ 1066
The exhibition consists of eleven sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson representing the The Woman and describes, in different ways, her position and feelings.
    On this thematic exhibition visitors have the opportunity to experience how eleven Icelandic female poets interpret these sculptures. Each of them has written a poem inspired by one of the sculptures on display and at the opening they will recite their own texts. In this way the visual art and the poems form a new context. A recording of the performance is available and visitors can listen to the poets while watching the exhibition.

The poets are:
Elísabet Jökulsdóttir, Fríða Á. Sigurðardóttir, Guðrún Eva Mínervudóttir, Ingibjörg Haraldsdóttir, Kristín Ómarsdóttir, Linda Vilhjálmsdóttir, Margrét Lóa Jónsdóttir, Sigurbjörg Þrastardóttir, Vigdís Grímsdóttir, Vilborg Dagbjartsdóttir and Þórunn Valdimarsdóttir.
March 3rd - April 7th 2002

Sigurjón og Ólafsson
− retrospective

In Center for Visual Arts in Akureyri
First exhibition of Sigurjón Ólafssons sculptures in North Iceland.
Art Historian Aðalsteinn Ingólfsson wrote an article in Icelandic for the web.
November 10th 2001 - April 28th 2002

Winter Exhibition
Sigurjón Ólafsson

Closed in December and January
Draugur, LSÓ 074
Ghost, LSÓ 1066
The upper hall displays some of the humorous works that Sigurjón Ólafsson made in wood, especially in his last years. In these sculptures you find objet trouvé, constructions made of pieces at hand without much carving or reforming.

In the main hall there is a selection of Ólafsson's sculptures, covering numerous materials, methods and styles.
September 1st - October 28th 2001

Helgi Gíslason
New sculptures by Helgi Gíslason

The concept of this exhibition is the human body in negative and positive forms.
June 1st - August 31st 2001

Tradition and Avant-garde
Finngálkn, LSÓ 015
Mythical Creature, LSÓ 015
This exhibition focuses on a 30 year period of Sigurjón Ólafsson's sculptures (1930 - 1960) during which he created some of his greatest works.

These include the sculptures at Vejle, LSÓ 1062 and LSÓ 1063 and the statue of Rev. Friðrik Friðriksson in the Center of Reykjavík
November 5th 2000 - January 4th 2001

Nearer to Thee

Religous themes in Scandinavian Art

Travelling Exhibition:
  • Sigurjón Ólafson Museum and Ásmundur Sveinsson Museum, Reykjavík (05.11.00−04.01.01)
  • Faroe Island's Art Museum , Tórshavn (20.01.01−18.02.01)
  • Sophienholm, Lyngby, Denmark (08.03.01−22.04.01)
  • The Museum at Sønderborg Slot, Denmark (04.05.01−12.08.01)
  • The Museum of Religous Art - Bodil Kaalund Collection, Lemvig Jutland (Denmark) (25.08.01−12.10.01)

Sculptures, paintings and textiles by Ásmundur Sveinsson, Sigurjón Ólafsson, Samuel Joensen-Mikines, Hannah Ryggen, Jakob Weidemann, Olivia Holm-Møller, J.A. Jerichau, Robert Jakobsen and Svend Wiig-Hansen.

In cooperatioin with Ásmundarsafn, Art Museum of Reykjavík.

Exhibition catalog in Icelandic and Danish.
June 1st - October 29th 2000

Selected Works by Sigurjón Ólafsson
Rev. Friðrik Friðriksson
Rev.Friðrik Friðriksson
The exhibition Tracks in Sand with the addition of a poster session and sculptures to support a summer course for children of age 11 to 14, held by the Museum:

The History in the Landscape - Nature, Settlement, History and Art
June 1st 1999 - May 2000

Tracks in Sand
Spor í sandinn
Tracks in Sand, LSÓ 160
Sigurjón Ólafsson

June 17th - July 11th 1999

Sigurjóns Ólafssonar

Kirkjuhvoll, Akranes Art Center
An exhibition of fourteen sculptures by Sigurjón, selected by Birgitta Spur aiming to reveal his diversity as an artist.

For the community of Akranes, West Iceland
October 21st 1998 - spring 1999

Sigurjón Ólafsson Retrospective

In Sigurjón Ólafsson and Hafnarborg, The Hafnarfjörður Centre of Culture and Fine Art

To commemorate Sigurjón Ólafsson's birthday, Oct. 21st, and the publication of his biography (in Icelandic).

The Hafnarborg section opened October 31st and closed December 31st.
August 8th - 30th 1998
Meeting Friends
in upper hall
Paintings by some of Sigurjón artist friends:

Guðmunda Andrésdóttir, Kristján Davíðsson, Þorvaldur Skúlason and Jóhannes Jóhannesson.
July 11th - August 2nd 1998
Nína Tryggvadóttir
in upper hall
Twenty one abstract paintings by Nína Tryggvadóttir from the period 1960-1967.
July 11th - August 31st 1998
Summer Exhibition
in main hall
A selection of Sigurjóns Ólafsson's sculptures to match upper hall exhibitions: Nína Tryggvadóttir and Meeting Friends.
April 25th July 5th 1998


Örn Þorsteinsson

Örn Þorsteinsson:
On Wheels, 1996
Art Work of Örn Þorsteinsson

Small sculptures and reliefs of silver, tin, bronce, aluminum and wax and larger sculptures of cast iron.
september 1997 - apríl 1998

Fljúgandi diskar, LSÓ 095
Fljúgandi diskar, LSÓ 095
Sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson from the period 1937-1981.

Selection of works which are light in structure and seem to challenge the gravity itself.
June 13th - September 1st 1997

Gróandi, LSÓ 09
Growth, LSÓ 096
Sigurjón Ólafsson's sculptures which in names or forms relate to nature and growth.
September 7th 1996 - June 13th 1997

Selected works by Sigurjón Ólafsson
Í lífsháska, LSÓ 155
In Danger, LSÓ 155
Exhibition specially set up for primary school pupils.

The sculptures selected had names which were easily interpreted by its form.

Primary Schools were invited to visit the museum.
September 29th - October 5th 1996

Poster Exhibition
in Horsens, Jutland DK
Commerce and Industry LSÓ 1063
Commerce and Industry LSÓ 1063
Poster exhibition, made for 'Icelandic Week' in Horsens, Jutland, giving insight in the background and history of Sigurjón Ólafsson's monumental sculptures at the Town House Square in Vejle, Jutland.

From Horsens, the exhibition was moved to Vejle for four weeks and then to Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum where it became a part of the exhtibion 'Selected works by Sigurjón Ólafsson'.
June 9th - Septemer 1st 1996

Dialogue on Eerie Beings
Páll á Húsafelli
Sigurjón Ólafsson

An exhibition by Páll á Húsafelli.

A dialog of Sigurjón Ólafsson's, and his own sculptures.

Illustrated exhibition catalogue with article in English: "Nature's Memories: On the sculptures of Sigurjón Ólafsson and Páls Guðmundsson" by Aðalsteinn Ingólfsson.
January 27thjanúar - May 19th 1996

Selected Portraits
Stefán Stefánsson skólameistari
Stefán Stefánsson Head-Master, LSÓ 216
Mostly the same exhibition as "Those Rounded Stones", but now with paintings of same persons by Ásgrímur Jónsson, Jóhannes Kjarval, Jón Stefánsson and Kristján Davíðsson.

Visitors may realize how different artists interpret these well known Icelandic figures in a different way.
August 26th - September 17th 1995

Textiles Grete Borgesrud

in upper hall

Textiles by the Norwegian artist Grete Borgersrud.

Exhibition brochure
24. júní 1995 - 7. ágúst 1995

Once upon the Time...
Gunhild Skovmand

in upper hall
Silhouettes by the Danish artist Gunhild Skovmand.

An Exhibition catalogue in Icelandic and Danish with Birgitta Spur's Forewords, "Thoughts" by the artist and "On Silhouettes" by Hans Laumann Hans Laumann.

Catalogue (pdf 7.5 Mb)
April 22nd 1995 - January 21st 1996

Those rounded Stones
Sigurður Nordal,<br>LSÓ 1086
Sigurður Nordal,
LSÓ 1086
Portrait exhibition.

To celebrate the publication of a video, made by the Museum, on Sigurjón Ólafsson's methods creating portraits.

This tape "Those rounded Stones" received Silver screen award in the category of Education: College and Advanced education at the US International Film and Video Festival in 1994.
February 25th - March 20th 1995

From primitivism to post-modernism
In Sigurjón Ólafsson and Hafnarborg, The Hafnarfjörður Centre of Culture and Fine Art
Sculpture exhibition in cooperation with Hafnarborg, a contribution to SUNBEAMS, Scandinavian cultural event.

Over 40 sculptures by 5 Scandinavian artists: Bror Hjorth (Sweden), Sigurjón Ólafsson (Iceland), Mauno Hartman (Finnish), Bjørn Nørgaard (Danish) and Gunnar Torvund (Norwegian)

An exhibition catalogue with articles in Icelandic and English.
June 3rd 1994 - January 15th 1995

Emblem of Iceland and Sigurjóns Ólafsson's Pillars
Emblem of Iceland
Emblem of Iceland
LSÓ 1278
Exhibition concentrating on this monumental work which was erected to commemorate the 25 years independence of Iceland.

Exhibition catalogue, 72 pp with articles in Icelandic and English by Auður Ólafsdóttir.
October 2nd 1993 - May 1st 1994
from Sigurjón Ólafsson work shop
Börn sð leik
Children at Play, LSÓ 1278
The aim of this exhibition was to follow an idea from the first sketch up to the final sculpture.

Sketches, tools and methods.
May 29th - August 31st 1993

Images in a Mountain
Exhibition related to Sigurjón Ólafsson's reliefs at Búrfell Power Plant in 1966 − 69.

Sketches, methods, tools and related sculptures.

Video tape, by Ásgeir Long, on the creation of the reliefs.
31. maí - 1. október 1992

Sigurjón Ólafsson's Youthhood Work of Art
Connected to Family Days at Laugarnes (31.05.92-16.06.92)

In upper hall: Ólafsson's drawing from young age, a donation to the museum from his brother Gísli Ólafsson and sister in law Kristín Einarsdóttir.

Main hall: Sculptures which are not fragile nor sensitive to being touched by children.

This Exhibition will be on display in Ólafsson's childhood town Eyrarbakki October 17th - 25th
November 7th 1992 - spring 1993
Winter exhibition
Selection of sculptures by Sigurjón Ólafsson.
October 21st 1991 - May 3rd 1992

Sigurjón Ólafsson - Denmark Iceland

Travelling Exhibition:
  • Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum, 21.10.92 − 03.05.93
  • Kastrupgaardsamlingen Copenhagen 13.04.91 − 09.06.91
  • Vejle Art Museum - Jutland 15.06.91 − 24.07.91
  • Silkeborg Kunstmuseum - Jutland 01.08.91 − 01.09.91
Surtur, LSÓ 042
First retrospective exhibition of Sigurjón Ólafsson's sculptures in Denmark.

With an exhibition catalogue in Danish and Icelandic
June 3rd 1990 - September 30th 1991

Sigurjón Ólafsson's Portrait

Sigurjón Ólafsson's first portrait exhibition.

27 portraits and pictures of 19 more.

October 21st 1989 - May 6th 1990

Metal work and acquititions

Sculptures from Ólafsson's relatively short "iron age", 1960 - 1962. While at Reykjalundur sanatorium he had access to the workshop facility and created sculptures of iron based on old Icelandic magic signs.

Aðalstein Ingólfsson writes an article on this "Iron Age" in Icelandic and English in Exhibition Catalogue
August 1st October - 1st 1989
Late summer show 1989
Upper hall: Portrait-paintings by Kristján Davíðsson.
Main hall: Sigurjón Ólafsson sculptures
October 21st 1988 through July 1989
Sigurjón Ólafsson -retrosptective
Opening exhibition