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Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum

Tuesday July 4th at 8:30 pm
− Repeated
Thursday July 6th at 8:30 pm

Gunnar and Helga Bryndís
Gunnar Kvaran cello and Helga Bryn­dís Magnús­dótt­ir piano.
Twelve Vari­at­ions in G major WoO 45, on Händ­el's thema 'Jud­as Mac­cabaeus' and Sev­en Vari­at­ions WoO 46 on Mozart's theme from the Magic Flute, both by Lud­wig van Beet­ho­ven. Sonata op. 40 by Dmitri Shost­ako­vich and To Merete by Jónas Tómasson - première.
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Tuesday July 11th at 8:30 pm
Freyr, Leo and Anna
Flutists Anna Noakes and Freyr Sigur­jóns­son, and Leo Nichol­­son piano.
Rigoletto − Fantasie op. 38 by Franz and Karl Doppler, Re­turn to Avalon by David Heath, Hebe by Georgia Cooke and Trio for two flutes and piano by Jean-Michel Damase.
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Anna Noakes: Home page Trinity web page
Leo Nicholson: Home page
Tuesday July 18th at 8:30 pm
Sól­veig and Sergio
Sól­veig Thor­odd­sen harp and Sergio Coto Blanco lute and theorbo.
Renais­sance and early Bar­oque music. The pro­gram in­clud­es pieces from 16th-century lute manu­scripts, as well as works by Bellero­fonte Cast­aldi, Gio­vanni Girol­amo Kaps­berg­er and Joan Am­brosio Dalza.
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Tuesday July 25th at 8:30 pm
Guð­rún, Elmar and Anna Guðný
On the Stage - Theatrical poems
Guð­rún Ing­imars­dótt­ir soprano, Elmar Gilberts­son tenor and Anna Guðný Guð­munds­dótt­ir piano.
Songs from the Ice­land­ic theatre by Páll Ísólfs­­son, Atli Heim­ir Sveins­son, Jón Ás­geirs­son and the brothers Jón Múli and Jón­as Árna­son. Also, Broadway songs and duets.
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Tuesday August 1st at 8:30 pm
Erik, Valgerður, Guð­jón and Helga Laufey
Kurr - Quartet
Valgerður Guðnadóttir singer, Helga Laufey Finn­boga­dóttir piano, Guðjón Steinar Þorláksson double-bass and Erik Qvick per­cus­sion.
Vibrant, improvisational pro­gram − Ice­land­ic Folk Songs and South-Amer­ican Tango, in­flu­enced by Jazz.
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Tuesday August 8th at 8:30 pm
Sebastiano and Marco
Piano four hands: Marco Scolastra and Sebastiano Brusco
Deux Marches car­actér­ist­iqu­es by Franz Schubert, Ungar­ische Tänze by Jo­hann­es Brahms, Pen­sieri sull’op­era Un ballo in masc­hera di Giu­seppe Verdi by Giu­seppe Martucci, War Pages by Alf­redo Cas­ella and Capric­cio Itali­ano op. 45 by Pyotr Tchai­kovsky.
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Tuesday August 15th at 8:30 pm
Ásta, Frey­dís, Val­gerð­ur, Sól­veig, Ragnar, Gunnar Guðni, Gunnar Thór and Böðvar
Sheep Song Committee   −      

A cape­lla oct­et. Stud­ents of the Reykja­vík Col­lege of Mus­ic and the Ice­land Aca­demy of the Arts. Sól­veig Sig­urðar­dótt­ir and Ásta Marý Stef­áns­dótt­ir sopranos, Frey­dís Þrastar­dótt­ir and Val­gerð­ur Helga­dótt­ir altos, Gunnar Guðni Harðarson and Gunn­ar Thór Örn­ólfs­son tenors and Böðvar Ingi Geir­finns­son and Ragn­ar Pét­ur Jó­hanns­son basses.
Ice­land­ic Noct­urn­as and It­ali­an & English Madri­gals.
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The concerts last for one hour, starting at 8:30 pm. The café is open after the concerts where the audience can meet the musicians.
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